Phill Hendry

My name is Phill Hendry, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll lovin’, self-taught graphic designer from Belfast. I have been designing professionally for around 10 years. I love to tell a brands story, think creatively and solve problems. I’ve a huge passion for video and motion graphics and adore getting stuck in to animations. I’m an unashamed Tolkien nut, comic book geek, movie nerd and gadget freak. #icecream #mmmm


If you like what you see you can download a copy of my CV.

You can also check out my alter ego at where I host my personal artwork and work created for metal bands (though this isn’t for the faint of heart!).


I went for an outrageous form of expressing myself. It seemed to be a way that I could make my name and show that I was somebody.

–Dee Snider